The science behind learning a skill and keeping it

Associate Professor Marcus Watson is the Executive Director of the Skills Development Centre for Queensland Health in Brisbane, Australia.


In this exclusive interview with Todd, Marcus discusses the research underpinning modern approaches to skills training, competency and maintenance of expertise.



Listen to the interview with Marcus Watson here


Exciting Progress on Osler’s Journey to Excellence in Acute Care

Osler Technology is very excited about our recent progress towards building an innovative acute care community.


Two additional hospitals have recently joined our pilot user community, bringing the total number of pilot users supporting our efforts to over 300.


We are especially encouraged by the breadth of a user community that includes medical and nursing staff in Anesthetics, Emergency and Intensive Care from around the world.


Our users reside in Argentina, England, Ireland, United States, The Netherlands, Germany, Hong Kong, New Zealand and of course Australia providing valuable feedback from a global perspective, on how we can improve the platform and make Osler the Acute Care Community we desire.


Our team would like to thank all of our users for their support and encourage their ongoing activity so we can continue to enhance our solution.