Osler’s novel clinical governance platform recognised again

Osler Technology is delighted to be recognised by the industry-leading Learning Technologies Awards in London in November 2016.  LTA is long-established as the peak awards within the online learning and training community, and Osler’s clinical governance platform placed second in the Novel Use of Technology – International category.

Learning Technologies Awards has recognised Osler's clinical governance platform

The award reinforces the sound learning principles upon which the platform is based.  Ensuring learners have access to high quality feedback, in a format they can use to reflect on easily, is critical for busy professionals.  The platform also incorporates an Entrustable Professional Attributes model of assessment, designed to better identify learners who need more assistance.

Work-readiness was a key theme in healthcare clinical governance this year, with the release of a stream of reports and papers identifying healthcare error as a major source of patient morbidity.  Osler is an immediate solution to many common governance issues.

2016 was a big year for Osler, with the completion of our commercialisation phase, the implementation to our first set of customers, successfully applying for grant funding from Federal and State Governments, and recognition in international awards and conferences.  But it’s only the beginning…

We look forward to working with all our supporters and customers in 2017