Junior doctors trial app to enhance education

The Osler Clinical Performance Platform is now being trialled with junior doctors at Mackay Base Hospital, aimed at further enhancing their educational experience.


Osler is an online portal that provides a consistent framework for recording, analysing, monitoring and benchmarking the performance of clinical staff.


Executive Director Research and Innovation Associate Professor Dr David Farlow said Mackay Base Hospital is the only Queensland Health facility to trial the platform with junior doctors.


“We recently launched the trial of Osler with our Emergency Department and Medicine Interns, PHOs and Registrars,” Dr Farlow said.


“Through the online portal we will keep track of their skills, procedures and outcomes while gaining input on what the program looks like and how it could be implemented.


“Investigating programs like Osler is all part of our bigger move towards online and self- directed learning to help cater to the educational needs of our junior doctors.”


Doctors continually train to be proficient in the procedures they perform and technologies such as Osler support the changing environments in healthcare and education.


“Working with our other education channels Osler will provide the tools for them to confidently perform procedures while ensuring the continued safety of our patients,” he said.


“Our patients can have confidence in knowing the doctor treating them has been trained, credentialed and monitored in the procedure they are performing.”


Co-founder of Osler, Intensive Care specialist Dr Todd Fraser, says the app helps overcome many of the challenges for doctors learning new procedures.


“The healthcare environment is a challenging one to teach in,” Dr Fraser said.


“Medicine is a non-stop business, there are 24 hour rosters to deal with, and many procedures can only be learned when opportunities arise.


“Add to that the fact that many junior doctors frequently migrate between hospitals, and it becomes difficult to track what their competencies are.


“By providing a digital, standardised portfolio of their skills training, Osler helps to keep them, and their patients, safe.”


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