The science behind learning a skill and keeping it

Associate Professor Marcus Watson is the Executive Director of the Skills Development Centre for Queensland Health in Brisbane, Australia.


In this exclusive interview with Todd, Marcus discusses the research underpinning modern approaches to skills training, competency and maintenance of expertise.



Listen to the interview with Marcus Watson here


Exciting Progress on Osler’s Journey to Excellence in Acute Care

Osler Technology is very excited about our recent progress towards building an innovative acute care community.


Two additional hospitals have recently joined our pilot user community, bringing the total number of pilot users supporting our efforts to over 300.


We are especially encouraged by the breadth of a user community that includes medical and nursing staff in Anesthetics, Emergency and Intensive Care from around the world.


Our users reside in Argentina, England, Ireland, United States, The Netherlands, Germany, Hong Kong, New Zealand and of course Australia providing valuable feedback from a global perspective, on how we can improve the platform and make Osler the Acute Care Community we desire.


Our team would like to thank all of our users for their support and encourage their ongoing activity so we can continue to enhance our solution.



Prototype learning module – Intercostal Catheter Insertion for junior doctors

Many have asked us what the learning elements will be like that support the credentialing process.


Here’s a prototype module for junior doctors learning how to perform a intercostal catheter.


Our vision is for extremely high quality interactive modules that simultaneously build and test your knowledge of the procedure. Full high-definition video, supported by animation and simulation, give you an in-depth understanding of the indications for the procedure, how to perform it, an understanding of the technique, and how to deal with complications.


We know there are a few bugs in the module, so please be patient, but we’d like to hear what you think about the content.


You can access the module here.  You’ll need a high speed broadband network to maximise the performance.


We value your feedback, so leave us a comment when you’ve completed the module

I’m joining Osler…

There are many reasons that you’ll want to join Osler.


Osler is a brave new platform that seeks to support you in your efforts to achieve the best results you can.  By supporting the culture change towards personal accountability and transparency, Osler enables you to take control of your performance information, so you can make an impact where you need to.


Imagine learning your procedural skills in a robust and structured manner, from great quality online learning, to a documented supervised practice that provides you with mobile enabled real-time feedback from your mentor.  Imagine refreshing your skills with the latest information, so you’ll continue to perform at the top of your game.


Imagine being able to identify gaps in your performance, and have tailor made information presented to you as part of your ongoing online curriculum.  Or demonstrating to a prospective employer a detailed history of your performance as your career evolves.


What about an online community where you can collaborate for research, study, or developing standardised clinical pathways?


Imagine disseminating the lessons you learn from critical incidents to a world of your peers, updated in real time, so the entire community can benefit.  Or communicating information effectively and reliably to the staff within your work unit.




Here’s just some of our supporters who have backed Osler
“I’m supporting Osler because it’s the future of medical education.”
Dr Kieran Hogan, Anaesthetist and Intensivist, Ireland.

“I’m excited about Osler as it provides a mobile technological solution for ICU Quality Improvement.”
Dr Stephen Lapinsky, Canada

“Transparency in healthcare is important no matter where you are in your career – from your first day as a student to a seasoned senior professional.  We need to be open to evaluation, by others and more importantly by ourselves, or we miss vital opportunities to improve.”
Prof Jean-Louis Vincent, Professor of Intensive Care Medicine  (Université Libre de Bruxelles)

“I’ve joined Osler because I believe we need to continue to learn from the aviation industry. I see first hand the lessons we’ve learnt from Cockpit Resource Management (CRM) and Osler looks to take it to the next step, with ongoing review and credentialing of our procedures and skills, just like our pilots.”
Dr Chris Edwards, Emergency Medicine and Prehospital / Retrieval Trainee, Australia

“I’m supporting Osler because its platform allows me to log my procedures, keeping me aware of my currency whilst also providing an excellent training resource”.
Sacha Richardson, Senior Intensive Care Registrar

“I value Osler’s potential to ground my continuing development as a trainee within a secure and collaborative environment. It is an exciting and powerful platform that, amongst other things, will enable me to record and interrogate my procedural experience, facilitate workplace-based evaluation of my skills, safely store details of my successes as well as identify personal targets for improvement, for the betterment of myself and for the good of my patients.”  
Dr Nihal Kumta, Anesthetic Trainee

“I joined Osler because it breaks new ground in marrying professional development to patient safety.”
Dr Rob Bevan, Auckland, New Zealand

“I am supporting Osler because the platform allows a interactive, reflective and accurate record of my and our trainees development”
Dr Jeremy Fernando, Anaesthetist / Intensivist, Queensland, Australia

“Osler is the future of acute care medicine”
Dr Chris Farmer, immediate past president Society of Critical Care Medicine

“This program provides me with the ability to evaluate my own performance, check for areas of weakness, and educate myself…all in real time and on the go.  That’s invaluable for a trainee.  I can then focus my efforts on areas where I can improve the most.”
Grayson Armstrong, Medical Student, The Warren Alpert Medical School of Brown University, Providence, Rhode Island, USA

“ Governments want to send us on an enforced march through the CPD and accountability jungle – Osler wants to build a highway so we can drive there!”
Dr John Evans, Senior Intensivist, Queensland, Australia
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